Walkertown Civic Club

Christmas Parade

Walkertown Christmas Parade Entry Form

Sponsored by:
Walkertown Civic Club
December 7, 2019


Contact Person: _______________________________________________


Business Phone: ___________________   Home Phone: _______________


Business Address: _____________________________________________

E-Mail: ____________________________________________________________

Complete Description of Entry:  ____________________________________


Parade Release Form

I / We release the Walkertown Civic Club, Inc. and the Town of Walkertown from any claim by me/us, any relatives, members of the organization or employees of the business, for any injury or property damage which may result from my/our participation in the Walkertown Christmas Parade.


Date: _________ Print Name:__________________________

Signature: ______________________________

  (Participant, Contact Person, Parent or Guardian)

Participants are allowed and encouraged to throw candy to spectators throughout the parade route. There is no charge to enter the parade.

In keeping the spirit of Santa alive in the eyes of children, we will only allow one Santa in the parade and that Santa is provided by the Walkertown Civic Club and will ride on the Club’s float.


Saturday, December 7, 2019

Line up for Parade will begin at 11:30

Judging will begin at 12:15 for:  
                                                      Best Decorated Float

                                                       Most Christmas Spirit

                                                           Most Creative in Parade

                                               Most Holy Spirit
                                                                     Best Antique or Classic Vehicle

                                          Parade will begin at 1:00pm

Participants will line up for the parade by entering at the Walkertown Middle/High School off of Sullivantown Road. You will then line up on the road leading to the old middle school. The parade will start at the old middle school and follow the same route as the previous parade.



Thank you for your interest, support and participation.

For further information please Contact Ginger Amos–Parade Chairman at:
 336-595-4820 or 336-987-1002.


           Please Mail Entry Form to:  Ginger Amos, P.O. Box 772 , Walkertown, NC 27051
  or E-Mail to: WalkertownCivicClub@WalkertownCivicClub.org

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