Walkertown Civic Club



1.  North Carolina BBQ is defined by the NCPC as chopped/sliced pork meat seasoned as the cook believes necessary for best taste.  Pork meat may be prepared on a wood, charcoal or gas fire, basted or not, as the cook sees fit.  Meat for a contest entry may not be precooked or cured in any way prior to inspection at the beginning of the contest.  Three (3) 6-8 pound Boston Butts will be provided to each team. 


2.  Each team shall supply its own ingredients, grills, utensils, tables, tents, chairs, fuel (wood, gas or charcoal), or any item or material which the cook desires.


3.  Each team must have a Chief Cook with a minimum of one assistant, but no more than three assistants.  Chief Cook must be at least 13 years old.


4.  Each team must comply with all applicable rules and regulations of the Forsyth County Health Department, including but not limited to:


    A.  Meat must be kept at 40 degrees F or less before cooking, coolers with ice will keep it cold enough.

    B.  After cooking, meat must be maintained above 140 degrees F and covered.

    C.  Aprons and hats must be worn by all cooks and assistants.

    D.  Cleanliness of cooking area and personnel is required.

    E.  No pets or small animals are allowed in cooking area.


5.  The Chief Cook will be held responsible for the conduct of his team and guest.


6.  Teams may set-up their equipment between 5-9pm on Friday, May 14th, or after 6am on Saturday May 15th.  Teams may begin cooking anytime after 6am on Saturday.  All entries must be ready for judging at 1pm on Saturday.


7.  Each team will check in upon arrival at the site and will be given a contest packet.  The packet will contain judging procedures and sample score sheets.


8.  The teams are encouraged to decorate their cooking area with streamers, banners, flags, signs, etc., in any way to boast about their team or their superiority in the finer arts of “outdoor cooking”.


9.  Under no circumstances are alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises.


10.  Each team is responsible for clean up of their area at the conclusion of the contest.


11.  All decisions of the Club appointed committee are final.  Violation of any rules or regulations may result in a team being disqualified.


12.  The Walkertown Civic Club, Inc., its members, representatives and contractors shall not be responsible or liable for the property of any team, any loses, damage or injury occurring to any team, or its representatives.  All property of the teams shall be under the care, custody and control of the team, whether in transit to, from or within the Walkertown Civic Club Spring Fling and BBQ Cook-Off area.



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