Walkertown Civic Club



This is to certify that we, the undersigned do hereby associate ourselves for the purpose of establishing a civic corporation which shall not be organized for profit, shall not issue stock, and shall be primarily engaged in promoting the common good and general welfare of the people of the Walkertown community, and to that end, we do by these Articles set forth as follows:


The name of the corporation is Walkertown Civic Club.


The period of duration of this corporation shall be perpetual.


The purposes for which this corporation is organized are: The promotion of the common good and welfare of the people of the Walkertown community by working to improve the schools, support the churches, advance the general health, promote social and recreational facilities, and in general bring about civic betterment and social improvement.
To improve, encourage and assist the religious, charitable, literary and educational organizations of the Walkertown community by financial contributions to organizations exempted from payment of taxes by the Bureau of Internal Revenue under the applicable laws of the United States.


The corporation is to have no capital stock. It shall be a non-profit civic organization.
The membership in the Walkertown Civic Club shall be open to any citizen, eighteen years of age or over, who is interested in the civic betterment, common good and general welfare of the people of the
Walkertown community.


The bylaws of the corporation shall fix the manner of election of officers and directions, and may prescribe their term of office and may classify a portion of the Directors in respect to the term which they shall severally hold office. The number of directors shall be not less than five nor more than twenty-five.


In the event of the dissolution of this corporation for any reason, after payment of all debts of the corporation, any surplus assets and funds belonging to the corporation shall be distributed to such charitable or religious corporation or institution located in the Walkertown community as chosen by the Board Of Directors serving at the time of the dissolution of this corporation. It is the express intention of these Articles of Incorporation that the assets of the corporation be dedicated to a purpose religious or charitable exempt under the Internal Revenue Laws of the United States of America and consequently,

(1) None of the assets of this corporation shall, after payment of debts, be paid to any incorporator, director, member, employee or any other person actively connected with the Walkertown Civic Club.

(2) All of the assets, after the payment of debts, shall be paid to charitable or religious corporations of institutions which are, by the then existent regulations of the Bureau of Internal Revenue of the United States, exempted from the payment of taxes under the most nearly comparable provisions of the law which is now Title 26, Section 501(c)3 of the United States Code.

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