Walkertown Civic Club

2014 Committee Assignments
Chairmen are Underlined 
Membership Committe -   Jerry Amos, Cindy York

Sick and Relief Committee - Wendell Amos,
 Alma Lee Amos, Ginger Amos, Pam Tuttle, Tami Lowry, Cindy York, Becky Middleton

Fund Raising Committee - Steve Amos, Ginger Amos, Rae Amos, Wendell Amos, Gary Brooks, Darren Lowry, Tami Lowry, Bobby Lucas, Jim Mecum, Tim Shoaf, Cheryl Story, Ken Story, Pam Tuttle, Cindy York, Becky Middleton, Debbie Bowman

Financial Gifts Committee - Cindy York, Wendell Amos, Tami Lowry, Tim Shoaf

Public Affairs and Programs Committee -

Constitution and Bylaws Committee -
Ginger Amos, Jerry Amos, Wendell Amos

Social Committee - Cindy York, Ginger Amos,

Advertising Committee Ginger Amos,
Darren Lowry

Community Center Director -
Ab Martin

Parliamentarian - Wendell Amos

Reporter -

Christmas Parade Committee - Ginger Amos
, Rae Amos, Darren Lowry, Tami Lowry, Bobby Lucas, Pam Tuttle, Mike York, Wendell Amos

Friends of the Walkertown Library - Bobby Lucas, Jim Mecum, Cindy York

Friends of the Walkertown Recreational Facility -

Building CommitteeWendell Amos & Jerry Tuttle,
 Rae Amos, Ginger Amos, Jerry Amos, Bobby Lucas, Darren Lowry, Becky Middleton

Travel Committee - Bobby Lucas, Wendell Amos, Ab Martin

Scholarship Committee - Pam Tuttle,

Civic Leadership Award - Ab Martin
, Wendell Amos, Rae Amos, Ginger Amos

Walkertown Historical Society - Bobby Lucas
Community Service Coordinators - Bobby Lucas, Stephen Amos 

Web Master - Wendell Amos
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