Walkertown Civic Club


Dear Friends,

Over the past 64 years, the Walkertown Civic Club’s purpose has been to support schools, churches, community and promote social and recreational betterment. Many of your own neighbors, families and friends have been part of this club or “touched” in some way by our services.

We have been part of many local events by sponsoring the annual Walkertown Christmas Parade, Turkey Shoot, operated the #1 food booth during the Dixie Classic Fair, co-sponsored the annual Fish Fry and participated in the Fall Festival. We also award the Tommy Carmichael Memorial Scholarship, Levi Amos Outstanding Community Service Award, support youth activities through scouting, ball teams, church groups, Christmas families and assist many with heating, food and medical needs.

NOW…WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! The Walkertown Civic Club has just purchased a building and land at 4991 Reidsville Road. When fully functional, the Walkertown Civic Club Community Center will be available for family or class reunions, wedding receptions and countless other ideas. Our “vision” is for the future of Walkertown. Help us make our place in Walkertown’s future by supporting our “LET’S GET THE DOORS OPEN” fundraising campaign. Any donation will be appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your support. For more information on this or other club projects, please visit our website: walkertowncivicclub.org


The Walkertown Civic Club Executive Board   


 Stephen Amos, President                 Jerry Tuttle, Vice-President          Teresa Dickens, Secretary

 Ruth Fulp, Corresponding Sec.         Cheryl Story, Treasurer               Pam Tuttle, Rec. Treasurer

 Debbie Bowman, Sgt-at-Arms          Ginger Amos, Chaplain


 Russell Fulp                        JoAnn Carmichael                

 Wendell Amos                     Bobby Lucas                  Tim Shoaf

 Rae Amos                             Ab Martin                      Becky Middleton  

Help us support the Walkertown Community by donating to the Walkertown Civic     Club “Get the Doors Open” campaign.

 Levels of Support

President’s Circle ---- $1000    

Platinum Level --- $500   

Gold Level --- $250   

Silver Level --- $125   

Bronze Level --- $75    

Circle of Friends --- $25   

Other --- $__________    

Ways to Give:

  1. Donation Enclosed

        Enclosed is my/our donation of: $__________

   2. Monthly Donation Installments

You can easily increase your annual donation to the Walkertown Civic Club “Get the Doors Open” campaign by making monthly contributions via check or credit card (visit our website). If you wish to choose this option, please indicate your payment schedule below.             Initial Donation of: $_____________________ on _____________________(date)                                                                                            Additional payments of: ___________________________________________(please indicate amount and payment schedule)

Please send installment payment reminders to me. Yes/No

Donor Information:



              Phone Number:_____________________


For Bronze Level donations or greater, please indicate the name desired on the campaign plaque.


In Memory/Honor of: (please circle one) ________________________________________

Please mail donations to:

Walkertown Civic Club, Inc                                                                                                                                                         P.O. Box 772                                                                                                                                                                       Walkertown, NC 27051

We thank you in advance for your
tax deductible donation!




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